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Enjoy authentic and delicious Chinese food in the comfort of your home from New Dragon Chinese takeaway in London SE25 4PF. Our chefs are masters in the art of Chinese cooking, and they craft each dish with precision and passion. Expect the authentic taste of China in every bite.

Our extensive menu offers a wide range of options, from the classic Kung Pao Chicken to the exotic flavours of Peking Duck. Whether you're a fan of spicy, savoury, or sweet, we've got you covered. We believe in using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Each dish is prepared with love and care, ensuring that it's not just a meal but an experience.

Why Choose New Dragon Chinese Takeaway?

Customers love us for our unmatched taste and quality. We know you are looking for the best Chinese food and New Star Chinese will never disappoint you when it comes to Chinese cuisine. Order from us and find out yourself.

From Our Wok to Your Plate:

We are your go-to takeaway destination! At New Dragon, we've made it our mission to bring the flavours of China to your doorstep.

A Gem in London:

Whether you're a devoted fan of Chinese cuisine or a foodie eager to explore new tastes, we eagerly await your presence.

Stir-Fry Sensations & Curry Dreams:

Come and immerse yourself in the passion, innovation, and dedication that define our culinary creations.


What our customers are Saying

Phoned in an order and was pleased by the fast response (on a Friday evening). Assured of no-nuts in the order by the staff. Got delivery in about 20 minutes. Very good quality, great Mushroom Chow Mein and also the Chicken Balls with Sweet & Sour sauce were good. Very recommended.

Mike Bird

Brilliant! Absolutely delicious food and a dim sum menu. New Dragon provide more scope and variety to the usual Chinese take aways in the area.

Emma Blackman

I love all the crispy starters - done very well. Plus dimsum - superb for delivery. Everything else pretty cool. Thail curries not very thai but I've really grown a love for them. AMAZINGLY FAST SERVICE. WE RATE V V HIGHLY. blink and its there x

jessica seal

Been ordering from there for over a year and I'm surprised to see such bad reviews because I always have good customer service and I enjoy the food.

Makayla Gram


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32 Portland Rd, London SE25 4PF

Best chinese takeaway

Best chinese takeaway in London

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Monday - Sunday: 15:30PM - 22:30PM
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